Manitou, the original all terrain lift.

15th January 2024

In 1958, in the west of France, Marcel Braud imagined a brand new machine: something that could lift and maneuver heavy items while travelling over the uneven ground often found in a farmyard.

His design involved inverting the layout of a farm tractor, and adding a lifting mast and hydraulic steering.  As a result of his efforts the first all-terrain forklift truck was born. 

Marcel’s invention went from strength to strength. The machine he invented in 1958 has evolved almost beyond recognition and is referred to as a telehandler, and his original hybrid of a tractor and forklift has become a staple on farms and construction sites around the world. The Manitou brand he created has never stopped developing and innovating; and now offers a range of products that meet the needs of all sectors of agriculture, construction and industry.


The go-to choice for projects where maneuverability or lift height is restricted. The Manitou MLT 630 proves its mettle consistently. Its ability to deliver exceptional performance in challenging conditions underscores its status as a trusted companion for professionals seeking both finesse and power in a telehandler, reaffirming Manitou’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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