Vogelsang Slurry Technology


Wherever liquid manure is used in agriculture, it is essential to distribute this organic fertiliser precisely and with minimal loss and emissions. It is therefore best to distribute the liquid manure close to the ground or to incorporate it directly into the soil. This is an issue that Vogelsang has been working on since before the statutory requirements for liquid manure become stricter. Vogelsang invented the nutrient-efficient, low-level spreading technology using a dribble bar system.

T H WHITE supply and support products from the Vogelsang range including:

  • Vogelsang Umbilical Dribbler Bar
  • Vogelsang Slurry Tanker Dribbler Bar
  • Vogelsang Umbilical Trailing Shoe
  • Vogelsang Slurry Tanker Trailing Shoe
  • Vogelsang Slurry Macerators / Distributors
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