Vaderstad Cultivators

Väderstad cultivators from T H WHITE

Väderstad cultivators and harrows from T H WHITE are built for all types of soils with focus on versatility and economy. Effective cultivation is the hallmark of these machines, from shallow cultivation right down to 40cm depth with the Opus or TopDown models.

The combination cultivator TopDown is designed to slice up the entire soil surface, mix in harvest residues and loosen to depth, creating a seedbed in a single pass, thus saving time and fuel.


For the best in cultivation and seed drilling talk to the Väderstad experts, T H WHITE.

The built-in longevity of Väderstad equipment is famous and T H WHITE is frequently able to offer high quality pre-owned Väderstad drills and cultivators, ready to provide many years more service.

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Vaderstad Cultivators:

Tine Cultivators

Our tine cultivators are built for all types of soils with a focus on versatility and economy saving time and fuel.

Combination Cultivator

TopDown 300-900 is a high intensity multipurpose cultivator, performing both a full-scale shallow cultivation and a deep cultivation in one single pass.

Disc Cultivator

Carrier is a disc cultivator used for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers enables Carrier to handle the versatile challenges of modern farming – from ultra-shallow cultivation to a deeper incorporation.

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