C&F Dumpers

C&F Dumpers

C&F specialise in a wide range of mini dumpers and accessories primarily for the construction industry but also for use in Agriculture, Groundcare and manufacturing.  These top performing compact machines are extremely durable and designed for safety and comfort with user-friendly features all-round.


Majoring on compactness the Tracker Mini Dumpers can be manoeuvred into the smallest of spaces with ease and tackle front and slide slopes with hydrostatic traction.  Safe use is paramount and each model is packed with safety features from brake and emergency stop to anti vibration mounts, engine covers, overload prevention and lifting looks.


The smallest capacity, the Traker T-45 is just 450kg (992lbs) with a length of 1.4m and a working width of 68cm.  The range rises to the powerful 800kg Traker T-85 carrying 1763lbs and offering double variable displacement pump, mono joystick hydraulic control, rocking roles and reduced consumption – the ideal heavy duty dumper.


We also offer a range of dumper attachments from grapples to buckets, pallet forks to dozers.

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