Precision farming technology solutions


The range of technologies available to farmers to increase efficiency and profitability while also improving sustainability is growing all the time.

To bring together the best-in-class, easy-to-use technologies, CNH Industrial has launched its new aftermarket precision farming brand, AgXtend.

Initially, five innovative solutions will be available through AgXtend, all of which can be fully integrated into New Holland Agriculture and Case IH’s existing precision farming platforms.


CropXplorer is a highly advanced biomass sensor which uses exclusive features and algorithms to determine fertilization rate based on crop needs. It’s simple to use, requires no calibration and can be mounted on a standard 3 points hitch or front weight. The data collected is used to calculate the crop’s actual nitrogen requirement, automatically adjusting the spreader on the tractor’s rear linkage to apply precisely the right amount.


SoilXplorer allows users to discover the full potential of their soils using a contactless sensor to measure soil conductivity at four different depths between 0-25cm and 85-115cm. This results in accurate soil mapping, identifying areas of compaction allowing tillage implements to work at full depth only where needed. This ultimately leads to significant cost savings, saving fuel and wear metal.


The new crop NIRXact sensor can be mounted on all types of equipment: forage harvesters, combines, balers and tankers. It allows farmers to determine yield, moisture and crop constituents including ADF, NDF, starch, ash and crude fat.

Mounted on a slurry tanker, this enables adjustment of slurry application rate for improved accuracy and reduced transport costs. Otherwise, the NIRXact enables contractors to sell their services based on number of tonnes harvested, and farmers to maximise selling prices or adjust nutrition for dairy and beef cattle.


Xpower is the electro-herbicide that allows farmers to replace chemicals with electricity for weeding and pre-harvest desiccation of crops. This environmentally friendly technology is highly efficient, with results visible in just a few hours and booms available in working widths between 1.2m and 3m. Xpower’s unique system won a bronze medal at the 2019 SIMA Innovation Awards.


The AgXtend package is completed by the new FarmXtend App, a smart weather application working with a complete set of connected, in-field sensors. These allow farmers to monitor in-field weather data and helps with decision making processes on activities such as spraying.

The weather sensors measure temperature and humidity at 1.0m above ground and at crop level together with the RainXact rain gauge and SoilXact, which records soil moisture and temperature at different depths.

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