HARDI and T H WHITE – the spraying professionals

Wherever there is spraying to be done, T H WHITE can provide a HARDI solution, from large self-propelled units to handheld sprayers.

Our self-propelled best-seller is the Alpha evo.  The trailed range includes the Ranger, Navigator and Commander.  Our lift-mounted options are the NK and MASTER plus and our range is completed with a selection of back pack hand-held sprayers.

We also supply sprayer components such as nozzles and controllers.


T H WHITE’s Agriculture team will help you simplify all your spraying tasks – call us today!


Handheld or Backpack Sprayers

For localised or precision spraying, especially in nurseries and market gardens, HARDI's pressurised handheld or backpack sprayers are ideal.

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Lift-mounted Sprayers

HARDI’s NK and Master Plus lift-mounted sprayer models are carried by a tractor’s hydraulic lift, achieving a simple and economic spraying solution.

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Trailed Sprayers

For many farmers the ideal spraying solution is a HARDI trailer sprayer that can be pulled by a tractor. HARDI produces three ranges of trailed sprayers.

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Self-propelled Sprayers

If you have a lot of ground to cover, the fastest and most comfortable route to effective spraying is with a HARDI self-propelled sprayer.

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