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OPICO was established in Essex in 1966 as the daughter company of the “OPpenheimer Intercontinental COrporation” an American agricultural machinery export business. Today the company is owned by former Sales Director James Woolway and is based in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Over the years the company philosophy has always been to find something clever, different and beneficial to the farmer in the products sold. OPICO has introduced concepts such as recirculating batch drying, spring tine grass harrowing, subsoiler seeding of oilseed rape.


Today T H WHITE brings farmers the benefit of all OPICO’s products, including those from sub-brands HE-VA and Sky. Whatever you are looking for, contact us for the perfect solution.



As part of our extensive offering of used agricultural equipment, we often have high quality used OPICO, HE-VA and Sky equipment for sale. Please visit thwhiteused.co.uk for details.

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FarmDroid is the world’s first fully automatic robot that both seeds and mechanically weeds.  CO2 neutral, powered by solar it reduces the cost of drilling and weeding in an environmentally friendly way.  Using a GPS signal, FarmDroid marks the precise placement of the crops at sowing and subsequently performs mechanical weed control, both between the rows and within the rows, weeding everything that isn’t the required crop before germination.

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Grain Drying Arable Equipment

Easy to install and relocate when necessary, OPICO Grain Dryers can easily dry up to 240 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision. Using diesel or gas and with 3 phase or PTO drive, OPICO dryers recirculate the grain constantly to dry thoroughly and consistently whilst improving hectolitre weights and augmenting quality.

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OPICO Grassland Machinery

The OPICO Grass Harrow covers every inch of the ground, thanks to its unique contour flexing tine bed. It clears moss, opens the surface, improves aeration and encourages growth.

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HE-VA Equipment

HE-VA offers an extensive range of cultivation equipment, including disc cultivators, stubble cultivators, subsoilers and seeding tool-bars.

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Sky Equipment

The Sky MaxiDrill is designed as a high speed trailed minimum tillage drill, but works equally well on ploughed and prepared seedbeds and can be used as a direct drill in certain conditions. The key feature of the MaxiDrill is its ability to cope extremely well in wet, sticky and difficult conditions. This enables drilling in heavy residue seedbeds and late into the season when most other minimum tillage drills have been put away.

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