Ktwo trailers & muck spreaders – high quality, British machinery from T H WHITE

This family run business, established in the 1980’s, uses the finest engineering standards with the latest manufacturing processes, ensuring that all products perform efficiently and last for many years.

Not only are Ktwo known for innovation and quality, they are also the only UK manufacturer to offer a full range of muck spreaders and trailers.


Muck Spreaders

Ktwo’s extensive range includes vertical and horizontal beaters all designed to give maximum output with consistent and accurate spreading.

The whole range uses commercial axles and brakes as standard, and machine life is extended with controlled shot blasting and finishing with 130 microns of two-pack marine specification paint.

The Warwick Trailers range, finds its niche in smaller scale farming. Specifically designed for owner/operator farms; this compact vertical beater rear-discharge spreader offers a lighter duty machine capable of spreading a range of products with accuracy and capacities between 5-7.5 tonnes (7.8-10.8 m3).

The Ktwo Duo Mk 6 range offers a wide range of versatile manure spreaders in capacities of 6–14 tonnes (9.8–23.2 m3), whilst the largest model range, the Evo range, are designed to cope with the most demanding situations in capacities of 14-36 tonnes (21.5–37.7 m3).

With a number of optional extras, the Evo features an enhanced standard specification and is capable of spreading a wide range of materials, from sludge to chicken litter.



The extensive range of Ktwo trailers include tipping, compacting, dumping and flatbed trailers all designed to give maximum efficiency and capacity.

The Ktwo Roadeo Compact & Push trailer is the UK’s leading compactor trailer, offering up to 40% extra capacity through compaction. It is the ideal solution for farmers and contractors looking at agricultural haulage solutions, available in capacities of 16-25 tonnes, ideal for silage, grain, woodchip and waste haulage.

The Roadeo Curve tipping trailer features a high tensile steel body to reduce overall weight and maintain maximum strength, in capacity of 12-20 tonnes.

Roadeo Dumper trailers feature two standard models, the Roadeo DT agricultural dumper with a high angled tipping point and the Roadeo CT construction tipper with a flat floor but heavier duty construction for handling stone and high-density materials.

The Ktwo Roadeo Flatbed trailers are available in lengths of 26–32 ft and with a carrying capacity of 14 or 16 tonnes they are sure to withstand the toughest of demands.

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