New Holland PLM

New Holland’s Precision Land Management – PLM

When it comes to farming technology T H WHITE brings you the latest developments in precision land management tools with New Holland’s PLM.  Offering a full range of guidance solutions from entry level manual guidance to fully integrated auto guidance, each solution is tailored to your needs and enables high-precision and increased profits.

PLM uses real-time kinematic (RTK) navigation to improve positioning measures which dramatically reduce overlaps on machinery passes.  This allows you to increase profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs.  Crop-sensing technology can reduce fuel costs and substantially increase work-efficiency whilst also reducing the environmental impact.  A further benefit of such technology is the ability to maximise valuable field time by working through the night or in dusty and low-visibility conditions.  What’s more the added security features can reduce equipment loss when installed.

T H WHITE’s team of New Holland PLM specialists can advise on all aspects of Precision Land Management technology and provide solutions across your entire range for tractors, harvesting and crop management equipment.


Features of PLM

  • PLM Connect places farm managers and contractors in every field with an integrated user-friendly interface
  • Synchronised in-field workings between machines
  • Advanced moisture monitoring technology
  • SmartSteer & Row Guidance
  • Trueguide Implement Control
  • Intellirate Control – variable rate and section control
  • Advanced telematics systems
  • Correction signals with accuracy levels from 2.0-2.5cm precision based on farm application
  • Terrain compensation system


New Holland provides a round the clock PLM portal and support centre to help you get the best from this technology. Login to MY NEW HOLLAND,  Download our brochure for more information or talk to us today.


- Increased work efficiency
- Reduced fuel costs
- Yield data analytics
- Reduce your farm’s carbon footprint
- Precise calculation of drying costs

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