Bigger, Faster, Flexier

The MacDon FD2 Series has arrived

T H WHITE Agriculture is an approved stockist of the all-new FD2 which gives you more of everything you need for harvesting performance enhancing the already renowned Original FlexDraper®.  Authorised to fit any make of Combine we are excited to supply these exceptional headers offering 20% more capacity, 30% more speed and 70% more flex than the previous model!

Ground Following Dream

MacDon headers maximise productivity in the most challenging of harvesting situations, with smart features such as the Flex Float System that keeps the headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding performance of the reel.  MacDon’s Flex-Float System gets coupled with up to 70% more flex than the original draper for a harvesting experience like never before. Flex-Float Technology® gets turned up with MacDon’s optional ContourMax™ Contour Wheels. These wheels allow the header to follow the field’s contours, leaving a consistent stubble height while cutting from 1 to 18 inches+ off the ground (+2.5 cm (1”) / 45.7 cm (18”).

Clear Cut

MacDon’s ClearCut™ High-Speed Cutting System delivers just that; clean cutting at up to 30% faster speeds. Helping you get there is MacDon’s improved knife drive with more power and new knife section geometry with 25% more cutting surface. A smooth close shave comes from two unique ClearCut Knife Guards; choose between Pointed Knife Guards or PlugFree™ Knife Guards that resist plugging even in the nastiest conditions.

High Volume Heads-First Feeding.

The FD2’s all-new frame features an ultra-deep deck with 50 inch deep drapers and is now available in 30 to 50 foot configurations. The FD2 delivers up to 20%*more capacity of smooth heads-first feeding in the tallest bushiest crops it can get its reel fingers on. No matter what type of combine you mount it to, the FeedMax™ Crop Feeding System optimizes performance. Along with active crop flow, patented reel movement, and new ShatterGuard reel positioning, the FD2 is ready for action+.

MacDon combine drapers are built tough to deliver worry-free harvesting performance with any crop, in any condition, and on any combine.


For over 70 years MacDon has been a world leader in technology, innovation, and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment – it’s history deeply rooted in the rich prairie heritage of Winnipeg, Manitoba,  Canada.  MacDon’s relentless pursuit of improvement is driven by the desire to make harvesting easier and more productive for farmers. Working directly with producers and custom harvesters in some of the toughest real-world conditions; this relationship guides MacDon to pioneer industry-leading innovations like the FlexDraper series. MacDon has a worldwide reputation for excellence as The Harvesting Specialists and is proud to make equipment that help producers harvest the crops that feed the world.

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