Faster Seedbed Prep with Kuhn

16th January 2024

Good seedbed preparation is essential for healthy crop growth and KUHN offer a wide range of seedbed tools for groundwork that include tine, disc, combinations tools and harrows.

Harrows play a crucial role in farming, and power harrows are optimal for enhancing soil structure while reducing compaction.

Despite power harrowing being a method of seedbed preparation involving a moderate amount of tillage, power harrows still work to preserve the health of soil. The use of vertical tines means that soil is only tilled along one axis, providing aeration and improving porosity, while maintaining some of the soil’s natural composition. The result offered by the power harrow is a healthy, nutrient-rich seedbed which is also aerated, and which drains water well.

Using a power harrow can also help farmers prevent the formation of hardpan, the dense, compacted layer of soil, typically found just below the topsoil layer. Hardpan can cause a plethora of problems, most serious among them being the lack of drainage. By using rotating, vertical tines, power harrows break through compacted hardpan soil, aerating the seedbed and breaking up large clods.

After the rain we’ve had, a power harrow could really come in handy.

T H WHITE have range of both new and used, tried and tested Kuhn power harrows in stock to suit every farm size and soil condition, with working widths available from two to eight metres, ready to go.

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