Rea and Son – Mastering the Everyday with a Manitou MLT737

11th January 2024

Nestled in the Ledbury countryside, Rea and Son stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of family farming. Run by Father and Daugher duo, Jim and Sarah, along with the boundless enthusiasm of grandchildren Morris and Eddie.

For many years, T H WHITE has been an integral part of Rea and Son’s success story, providing reliable equipment and unwavering support. From the heart of Ledbury, the farm is strategically positioned among T H WHITE’s main depots in Hereford, Toddington, and Huntley.

Jim Hitchon speaks warmly about the partnership with T H WHITE, explaining, “Loyalty works both ways” and highlighting the personalised service they receive from their local representative, Colin, to the entire team spanning parts and the engineers.

On farm, you’ll find a Manitou MLT737 telehandler and New Holland T6 180 and T6 175 tractors, all proudly supplied by T H WHITE. Jim comments on the excellent service they’re used to, stating, “We’re not just a number; we have an identity with T H WHITE.”

The Manitou MLT737 telehandler holds a special place in the heart of this family farm. Jim describes it as the “heartbeat of the farm,” tirelessly working and adapting to the demands of daily operations. The telehandler, equipped with various attachments, has earned the title of the farm’s swiss army knife, indispensable for a family-run operation where efficiency is paramount.

Jim commends the Manitou’s perfect size, facilitating easy access to all corners of the farm. With ample headroom,  excellent visibility combined with reliable power, the telehandler has become an invaluable tool.

In moments of need, T H WHITE’s support shines through. Jim recounts an instance with a cable becoming caught on the Manitou one late Saturday afternoon. A single call to T H WHITE and by 5 pm that same day, a replacement machine was on the farm, showcasing the remarkable responsiveness of the team.

Sarah, an essential part of the operation, echoes her father’s sentiments, praising the Manitou’s user-friendly design. The future of the farm looks promising with the younger generation and avid Manitou fans, Eddie and Morris, already contributing to the farms daily tasks.

T H WHITE stands as a pillar of support, ensuring that the legacy of Rea and Son continues to thrive.

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