Demo Red this year with CASE IH

17th January 2024

Try before you buy a new CASE IH tractor from our demo machines, all available now:

Vestrum 130 Active 8 with Case IH L4022U loader

Due to their exceptional capabilities, compact tractors have gained immense popularity
among mixed and medium-sized farms, serving as reliable workers. In line with this
demand, Case IH Vestrum tractors have been specifically designed to meet the diverse needs
of these farms, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Maxxum 145 Active 8

On your operation, there’s no such thing as one job at a time. You need a hardworking, multipurpose tractor you can rely on. Maxxum® series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience. Equipped with the ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission, these tractors deliver increased productivity, performance and fuel efficiency — from fieldwork to loader work.

Peak horsepower from a Tier 4 B/Final – Stage V compliant engine delivers the power you need in a versatile package designed to get the job done.

Puma 175CVX

A midsized multitool tractor with superior turning, narrow-row functioning and more, the new Puma 175 series tractor complements an already impressive suite of workhorse tractors by providing a midrange horsepower option for livestock and row crop operators alike.

The all-new Puma® 175 tractor delivers 180 hp (225 peak) for reliable performance on midsize and larger operations alike.

Puma 260CVX

The newest model to enter the Puma family, the 260 redefines the meaning of Puma power and prestige. With the largest horsepower of any Puma series tractor (260 hp, 302 peak) and best-in-class carrying capacity thanks to heavy-duty axles, the Puma 260 is built to tackle even the toughest in-field tasks.

The all-new AFS Connect™ Puma® 260 also offers a top-of-the-line 260 hp (at 2,200 ERPM) — with a maximum boosted peak of 300 hp (at 1,800 ERPM) — to deliver the ultimate performance for row crop operations as well as everyday tasks.

Click images to find out more about these tractors and call Andy Symes 07920 028 599 to book your demo.