Spreading the Good News with Kverneland

24th January 2024

Offers on in-stock fertilizer spreaders.

HL High Capacity Spreaders

The Exacta HL is a high capacity disc spreader – Ideal for high productivity and precise output.

The HL is the perfect fertiliser spreader for high capacity and productivity with a spreading width of 54 metres and a hopper capacity up to 3.900 litres.

To achieve an even spreading pattern, the Kverneland Exacta HL has a dual PTO input shafts on the centre gearbox, making it easier to always drive at the desired speed and in combination with the ‘slow rotating’ agitator system. The Exacta HL mounted spreader can be operated hydraulically or electrically.

Choose from our in-stock HL range today, click the products below for more information on our in-stock machines: 

HL1500 PRO  –  J1126317

CL Mounted Spreaders

The CL mounted spreader range is medium in size and volume, but combines high performance, precise spreading in all weather conditions, easy adjustments and intelligent output in one machine.

This disc spreader has a hopper capacity between 1100 -2000 litres and comes with the Centre Flow system as standard which can spread up to 28 metres. It also comes with 8 vanes per disc for the same spreading quality as the bigger disc spreaders.

This mounted spreader can be equipped with most of the accessories for larger spreaders such as aluminium hopper extensions, Exact Line for border spreading, parking frame or LED lights. The Exacta CL fertiliser spreader can be operated hydraulically or electrically.

Choose from our in-stock CL range today, click the products below for more information:

CL1300P G  – K1133039                      CL1100 P –  K1130585

The TL Range

Get perfect spreading with Kverneland Exacta TL GEOSPREAD.

The GEOSPREAD system does section control with sections of only 1 metre. With a maximum of 54 sections and the possibility to switch sections over the middle, unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum.

The 4 load cells and reference sensor on the Exacta TL GEOSPREAD are important features as with section control accurate weighing is essential. The total benefit of GEOSPREAD combined with speed related spreading and GEOPOINT headland management can be up to 15%.

This can be achieved by saving fertiliser and better yields, because of no unnecessary overlap. In combination with MULTIRATE, the variable rate application, which applies multiple rates within a working width even more cost effective spreading can be achieved.

This Kverneland Exacta TL GEOSPREAD spreader is ISOBUS compatible and AEF certified. You can operate the spreader in combination with the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.

Learn more about our TL range here – click the products below for more information:

KTL 1875 PG  –  L1133042                    KTL 1500 LTR  –  J1133041

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