Future Cultivation with Kverneland

16th January 2024

Farms are getting bigger and bigger, and are farmed by fewer people.

Our weather is more volatile, with shorter windows of consistent weather patterns now and also expected in future.  As a result of growing farms and shorter weather periods, time and in particular a lack of it, has become a key factor in performing tasks on the farm.

DTX300 Cultivator

The DTX combines different operations in one pass to save time.

Designed as a mounted one-pass stubble incorporator/soil loosener for tractors in the 200-360hp range, the DTX is extremely versatile. It can be used for first entry with non-inversion tillage or to knock down ploughing whilst loosening down to 40cm. In combination with the In combination with the Kverneland a-drill, it is also ideally suited to establish oilseed rape straight into stubble as it leaves a very levelled, fine and consolidated seedbed.

The DTX also offers very good trash clearance. The front tines are staggered and the rear discs allow a full cut and mix from 2 to 10cm deep.

Turbo 300C Cultivator

Powerful and efficient performance – that is what the Turbo offers. The machine can operate at high forward speeds whilst maintaining a consistent working depth. With the Turbo, Kverneland provides a cultivator which is the right choice for all seasons, all kinds of conditions and for a wide field of applications.

Machinery not only has to do a great job, but do it faster and with greater efficiency than ever before. Kverneland understand this all too well, and support farmers by offering a range of tools that help to navigate the needs of modern farming.

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