1st June 2020

The latest Pöttinger Torro Combiline loader wagons are combined loader/top-fill wagons for both silage and harvesting, featuring six rows of tines with a large swath roller with crop transfer rods to ensure perfect crop flow and a loading speed.

Designed to handle power from tractors up to 300bhp, the new Torro Combiline wagons deliver a 10% improvement in output compared to previous models. The pick-up is controlled from both ends by a steel cam track and as the forage is not dragged through, meaning there is less longitudinal alignment of stalks. The knives are produced from hardened tool steel and their pressed serrated edge ensures a precise chop. The steel profile panels are fully enclosed, right to the top, while the large surface area of the forage compression flap ensures the best compression of the crop and maximum use of the loading chamber and can be controlled from the tractor cab to enable a rapid change between pick-up loading and top-fill loading. We have a 6010L Combiline ready to go and can supply all others from the range. Call us today!