Spotlight on Manitou MLT737-130PS+

22nd November 2022

Manitou MLT737-130PS+

The Manitou MLT737-130PS+ telehandler is one of the most popular models in the MLT range. It is one of Manitou’s mid-range agricultural spec telehandlers and is ideal for those who require heavier lifting capacities and power but a machine that remains compact enough for use in farm buildings and tight spaces.  This popular agricultural spec telehandler offers a maximum lift capacity of 3700 kgs with a max lift height of almost 7 metres.

Manitou MLT737 telehandler driving through a cow shed with a raised hay bale

Manitou MLT737-130PS+ Performance

The Manitou MLT737-130PS+ telehandler is designed with intensive agricultural use in mind. It has a Stage V 130 HP / 95kW Deutz engine which provides the power you need on farm for effortless loading, unloading, transporting and more.  The Powershift Plus transmission offers a more efficient use of power and instant acceleration. This smoother gear control combined with a limited slip differential makes for a more productive and comfortable ride for the operator too.

The agricultural spec telehandler from Manitou sits at 4.97m long and 2.39m wide. At 2.38m high, the machine has a ground clearance of 41cm.  There is an automatic dust removal system for the radiators which make for prolonged and easy operation.  You are guaranteed unmatched productivity and performance thanks to the upgraded and smooth hydraulic functions as well as the variable piston pump of 150l/m.

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership for the Manitou MLT737-130PS+ is attractively low. The fuel consumption is 5% lower than previous models, pair this with the efficient Powershift transmission and you’ll make savings on fuel.  The Manitou MLT737-130PS+ telehandler is also designed with easy maintenance in mind. You’ll find easy service access and daily maintenance is made simple with easy access grease points plus the maintenance of the Manitou MLT737-130PS+ is also optimised with longer service intervals.

The Manitou Cab

You can expect optimum comfort from the Manitou MLT737-130PS+. The cab is expertly designed around the operator and specifically suited to farm use.

The cab is highly spec’d as standard. It has a panoramic high visibility windscreen and comfort seat complete with floating armrest where you will find the JSM joystick. The ergonomic floating armrest provides the operator with optimum control and comfort when operating over rough or undulating terrain.  Manitou takes the well being of operators into consideration when designing their agricultural telehandlers providing sound proofed cabs for a quiet and comfortable environment which is ideal for working for long periods of time across varying terrains.

A view through the Manitou MLT737 panoramic sunroof

Manitou Agricultural Telehandlers

Manitou agricultural telehandlers are staple on farms worldwide. This is because Manitou agricultural telehandlers are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks on farm, without you having to invest in various other machines. These versatile machines are compatible with a host of specifically designed attachments. You’ll find bale clamps, forks and various buckets to name just a few. All Manitou agricultural attachments are designed specifically for use on farm.

The MLT range of agricultural telehandlers are engineered for optimal performance whilst maintaining operator comfort and safety.

Manitou MLT737 telehandler with bale clamp attachment holding a wrapped bale

Did you know ?

MLT stands for Manitou Loader Telescopic and the model number refers to the lift height, lift capacity, engine power and transmission. For example,

MLT 737-130PS+

Manitou Loader Telescopic 73.7ton 130hp power shift+ transmission

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