3rd September 2018

Well, what a harvest that was! Long hot days and sultry nights as the teams across our region worked round the clock, raising the dust and bringing in the crop.

Some of the entries to our Harvest Photo Competition – run through the T H WHITE Agriculture Facebook page – were truly stunning and we are amazed that there are so many outstanding photographers among our customers. There were so many great images that we can’t share them all, but here’s the winner and some of our other favourites.

With the help of a drone Andrew Bradley photographed this CR9.90 cruising through wheat. The plume of dust from the rear and the grain gushing into the combine’s holding silo show that this harvester means business.

Another superb ’sundowner’ from Michael Szollosi, previewed in White’s World 289.


Combine triple by Sam Treadgold.


Jason Smith shot a low angle as the combine approaches.