1st October 2018

The Logic trailed Multi Feeder saves time, improves conditions for the stockperson as well as the profitability of livestock enterprises. Originally designed for sheep, the versatility of the design allows other livestock to enjoy the same benefits.
The trailed unit allows the use of bulk feeds (eg. nuts, rolls, pencils and larger cobs) when required. It handles most home mixes, even whole grain with minerals added.
Feeding can be carried out quickly with minimal disturbance to the animal group which can be a significant benefit when sheep are heavily in-lamb or animals are in a sheltered area during poor weather.
The Multi Feeder is simply switched on without the need to stop. It has a drop counter system which opens and closes a shutter leaving a calibrated amount of feed so that feeding can begin without bunching up and stress. Livestock very soon realise that feed is only available when the shutter starts to operate. Once feeding is completed and the sound of the shutter stops, normal inspection can be carried out without being followed.
A clean area can be selected each day for feeding and if necessary the operation can be interrupted to avoid wet ground or to move closer to another group of animals. There is no need for costly and labour-intensive feed troughs, eliminating associated feeding problems and badly poached areas around toughs.
Two special offers are available from T H WHITE Agriculture until 30 November 2018. A ‘package’ offer comprising the Logic LMF570K 365ltr feeder, Tonneau cover, mudguards and livestock fender on 22x11x8 wheels and tyres with resettable counter represents outstanding value at £1,650 plus vat. Alternatively the Logic LMF870K on larger 25x10x12 wheels (as pictured) is available at the offer price of £1,800.00 plus vat.
For further information please contact Simon Knight on 07860 712963 or Tim Rochfort on 07973 911934.