24th March 2023

With plant protection evolving, crop care machines for mechanical weed control are now a must have in a farmer’s fleet. Pottinger has accepted the challenge farmers face with the sharp reduction in usage of chemical pesticides and has introduced Rotocare. This rotary hoe provides the perfect solution for crop protection, and our T H WHITE Pro Agri branches in Stockbridge and Frome now have one in stock and ready for you to demo.

Pottinger Rotocare

ROTOCARE – The multi-role crop care expert

The ROTOCARE rotary hoe conserves crop and is row-independent while delivering maximum output and low wear. In addition to its advantages for mechanical weed control, this machine is equipped for a wide range of other applications:

– Breaking up soil surface

– Incorporating fertiliser

– Aerating grassland

– Shallow stubble cultivation

With working widths between 6.6 and 12.4 metres, driving speeds of 10 to 30 kph and low pulling power requirements, thanks to the rolling action of the 540mm rotary hoe stars, required tasks are completed promptly by maintaining a high output and cost-effectively to save fuel.

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Demo Today

Our 12.4m demo machine is now available,  made up of 140 self-sharpening rotary hoe stars, securely mounted on a 180 x 180 high strength frame designed to withstand maximum durability out in the field.

Book a demo to experience impressive working results in a wide range of row crops: maize, soybeans, and cereals, due to the Rotocare’s optimum ground tracking and ability to regulate intensity to minimise plant losses. Also, with a high underframe clearance and gentle operation the Rotocare can  be used in well-developed crops such as maize up to 30cm and oil seed rape up to 20cm.

Find out more or book in your demo by contacting our specialist Pro Agri sales team.

Call Chris or Andy at Stockbridge: 01264 811260
Call Stuart at Frome: 01373 465941