Ultimate protection for machinery and lone workers

3rd August 2021

As highlighted recently on BBC News, it’s a sad fact that farm machinery – and lone operators when working in the field – are increasingly targets of rural crime. High value GPS systems are a particular target and criminals are even exploiting drones and social media to establish patterns and times when their theft attempts are likely to be most successful.

It can be very difficult for farmers to keep tabs on machinery 24/7 or to call for help if they are targeted in remote parts of the farm, but now T H WHITE is able to offer one of the most robust and effective protection systems available today – the Ajax hub-based security system.

Operating entirely through strong and stable radio signals with no wires, the Ajax system has a 2km detection range and features a built-in lone worker alarm. There is a wide choice of detection devices that can be discreetly fitted to any vehicle or piece of machinery, all of which communicate with the control panel or ‘hub’, but the thing that makes the Ajax system uniquely user-friendly is a dedicated mobile phone app, free for iOS or Android. This enables you to monitor all your equipment at any time of day or night, arming or disarming any of the detection sensors at will, as well as receiving audible and video confirmation of any intrusion.

Detection options include ‘DoorProtect Plus’ in which a contact is fitted to the door or cab of a tractor, for example, with a siren also inside the cab. This will be triggered not only by the contact being broken, but also by vibration or tilt, covering all angles of intrusion. Pet-immune motion sensors are also available (including models with a camera). In the event of intrusion into a protected vehicle the alarm will activate the siren in the vehicle, send an alarm notification to users via the mobile app and also alert a remote monitoring station (if required). An external siren will also be activated.

A big plus with the Ajax system is the lone worker alarm. If an operative feels under threat in the field, all that’s needed is to press the panic button in the app. An alarm with grid co-ordinates is immediately sent to all active users on the system as well as the central monitoring station which will send a rapid response unit.

Installation of the Ajax system can take less than a day and, because there is no wiring, you have complete freedom to move equipment around the farm. Another clever feature is the ‘end of day’ alert in which the system can be set up to remind app users if the alarms have not been set at the end of the working day.

Of course, Ajax alarms are just as applicable to buildings and premises. To beat the rural crime wave and to hear the full story on Ajax and details of the whole unitary detector range, contact Luke Roche at T H WHITE Energy, Fire & Security on 07833 480212 or email him at luke.roche@thwhite.co.uk