Tempo from Vaderstad: Robust Precision in a full range

10th November 2023

High precision and robust design are offered in the Tempo range from Vaderstad.

A selection of tractor mounted high speed planters that offer the flexibility of operating from four rows up to a whopping 24 rows. The range encompasses six different sized planters each with individual features but all built with the same robust precision that Vaderstad users have come to rely on:

Reliability with the Tempo R 4-6

Tempo R 4-6 is a mounted high-speed planter available with 4 or 6 row units, and fertiliser metering as option.
The rigid frame benefits from minimal weight and reduced maintenance without compromising on excellent precision.

Tempo R can be equipped with a 1200 litre fertiliser hopper and disc fertiliser coulters.
The 3 metre wide Tempo R is mounted on the tractor’s three point linkage, making it easy to manoeuvre in the field.

Telescopic precision with the Tempo T 6-7

Tempo T is a mounted high-speed planter available with 6 or 7 row units, and fertiliser metering as an option.
The telescopic frame allows for unprecedented precision, while at the same time making the machine very easy to handle and transport.

Tempo T has a transport width between 3.3 and 3.5 metres. This gives a small turning radius and convenient transport. Tempo T can also be equipped with a 1200 litre fertiliser hopper and disc fertiliser coulters.

Precision from the Tempo F 6-8

Tempo F is a trailed high-speed planter, available with 6 or 8 row units and fertiliser application as an option. The placement and design of the support wheels maintain the seed depth in all conditions which ensures an even crop.

The wheels on Tempo F 8 are coupled as a hydraulic bogie unit – walking tandem. This ensures an even load on all wheels, giving a smoother ride on uneven ground. A trailed planter puts less weight on the tractor, leading to minimal soil compaction. The benefit of this is a healthy soil structure and an even crop emergence.

Maximum versatility with the Tempo V 6-12

Tempo V is available with 6 to 12 row units, including odd numbers. The ability to use the same machine for multiple crops often means that two traditional planters can be replaced. This increases usage and lowers the hectare costs.

Wide Lining automatically adapts the row spacing to the wheel tracks of the liquid manure spreader, without lowering the number of seeds planted on the field. In combination with the front hopper FH 2200, Tempo V is
able to combi-drill fertiliser at high speed.

Robust Capacity from the Tempo R 12-18

A rigid, mounted high-speed planter with fertiliser metering as an option. With easily adjustable row spacing, it is possible to plant numerous crops with the same machine, enabling greater usage.

The front mounted fertiliser hopper FH 2200 enables high precision combi-drilling. Equipped with transport wheels and a drawbar, Tempo R 12-18 can be easily transported between fields.

Enormous capacity and superior precision from the Tempo L 8-24

A trailed high-speed planter with an enormous capacity. Tempo L doubles the capacity of a traditional planter. Most importantly, the crop is established with higher precision.

Liquid fertiliser system and central micro granulate output via Bio Drill 500 as options.

A 3000 litre hopper for granular fertiliser is available as a compliment to the 5000 litre hopper on the top-capacity models. In addition, Tempo L can be equipped with a 2000 litre hopper for liquid fertiliser output. Despite its enormous capacity on the field, Tempo L folds to 3 metre transport width.

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