Spreaders and sprayers for the new season

2nd November 2021

Despite the current supply chain difficulties we have managed to secure some of the best spreaders and sprayers for the coming season from our industry-leading manufactures, Kuhn, Kverneland, Chafer and Hardi.

The Kuhn Axis mounted fertilizer spreaders feature advanced technology in a compact design with working widths from 12m to 50m and capacities from 1,000 to 4,200 litres. Kuhn’s electronic mass control system (EMC) constantly adjusts the application rate across the spread, resulting in every plant receiving exactly the right dose of fertilizer. If a blockage occurs the flow rate of the outlet concerned is corrected immediately and automatically. With EMC, there is no need to do a flow test, you just enter the application rate and start spreading. 

Kuhn’s latest systems make it possible to undertake high speed spreading with supreme accuracy, even modifying the spread to the shape of the field, as well as putting an end to overspreading in field corners.

The Kverneland Exacta CL, TL and and TLX mounted spreaders fitted with the GEOSPREAD system are intelligent machines ideal for arable farmers and professional dairy farmers. Working widths between 10m and 54m are automatically adjusted to suit the overlap and coverage using a GPS positioning system, while the application rate (kg/min) is also adjusted automatically to match the revised spreading width, thus achieving economies up to 15%. When driving in a wedge-shaped or irregular field, GEOSPREAD will automatically decrease the working width step by step. What’s more, GEOSPREAD can be set up for automatic start/stop with GPS on headlands.

Accurate spraying is a key factor in successful crop development and Kverneland has applied its expertise to the iX trailed range of spreaders which make rapid spraying not only precise, but easy. For many users the iXtrack T3 will be the ideal sprayer.

Its short, low and compact design in combination is combined with intelligent electronics which ensure that spraying is done in the most efficient way. The iXtrack T3 sprayer offers tank sizes of 2600 and 3200 litres and booms of 24 or 30m.

The Chafer range of trailed and self-propelled sprayers, recently added to our comprehensive equipment line-up, offers quality machines with a low cost of ownership. For top performance and all-round versatility the Chafer Guardian trailed crop sprayer scores highly. Available with boom widths from 24 to 30m and tank sizes from 3,000 to 4,000 litres, the Guardian – like all Chafer sprayers – features stainless steel main and rinse tanks which are supremely strong and easy to clean. Fully automated filling, rinsing and dilution is available at the touch of a button.

If you prefer a self propelled crop sprayer, our pick of medium-size machines is the Chafer Interceptor. Available with 4,000 and 5,000 litre tank sizes and boom widths from 24-36m, The Interceptor is fitted with a powerful Deutz engine coupled to an advanced Bosch Rexroth CVT transmission, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum and ensuring that the best possible traction is achieved on individual wheels in all field conditions. When on the road the engine uses the minimum revs needed to achieve the chosen forward speed while keeping noise low. The Interceptor has a low centre of gravity resulting in market-leading stability without sacrificing easy accessibility to all service items.

From spraying experts Hardi comes the Alpha Evo, one of the most versatile high-capacity self-propelled sprayers on the market. Finger-tip control of all spraying functions is achieved from the comfort of the state-of-the-art cab and excess application of chemicals is reduced with the GPS-controlled AutoSectionControl as a supplement to the manual guidance system. Boom widths up to 44m and capacities up to 5,100 litres are combined with hydraulic adjustment of track width to suit different tramlines, crops, fields or roads.

When using a mounted sprayer it’s important to have a well balanced implement that’s easy to hitch and won’t upset the tractor’s centre of gravity, even when using a lighter tractor. The Kuhn Deltis 2 has been designed with these factors in mind and is a great solution for farmers who need to spray a variety of crops. The range includes booms of 14-24m, but no matter what size you choose the frame and the OPTILIFT parallelogram delivers the lightest unladen weight configuration on the market and a centre of gravity positioned close to the tractor. The EASY-HITCH automatic hitching system, standard on the Deltis 2, is integrated within the machine’s outline keeping the sprayer near the tractor and reducing the lift requirement of the tractor. The special shape of the main tank makes it easy to empty, even on steep slopes, while position of the rinsing tank opposite the sump maintains the balance of the machine. A supplementary tank can be fitted at the front of the tractor for substantial extra capacity and even greater weight balance.

If you are thinking of ‘kitting-out’ for the new season we have the perfect spreading and spraying solution to help you do more while spending less. Just talk to you T H WHITE rep to get the best deal for your farm.