2nd February 2021

A smaller tractor doesn’t have to mean a less productive or less comfortable tractor. Two of the junior ranges from Case IH offer manoeuvrability, versatility and a touch of luxury…


The new Vestrum from Case IH has proved to be a popular choice in 2020, bringing continual variable transmission technology to a smaller tractor.

The new model is a compact, highly-versatile 100-130hp CVT tractor that fits into the Case IH range between the 100-120hp Luxxum models and 115-145hp Maxxum tractors.

All Vestrum CVX Drive tractors feature a luxurious, four-pillar cab with suspension and a control layout similar to that used on larger Case IH tractor models, complete with the well-established Case IH Multicontroller armrest.




For those who may not need a continually variable transmission or larger cab but are still seeking higher levels of comfort, the Luxxum (100-120hp) is another option in the Case IH range.

Not only does it have great manoeuvrability, comfort and visibility, but there are special offers currently available on Luxxums when ordered loader-ready or with front linkage, with further deals available when buying a Luxxum and loader at the same time.

Benefits & Key Features of the Case IH CVX

All Case IH CVX tractors come with Automatic Productivity Management (APM).  This ensures the best possible performance and fuel efficiency. That means that once the tractor has reached its operator set target speed, it reduces engine rpm, maintaining the required forward speed and reducing fuel usage. This contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

    • Engine Power Management (EPM) also known as Boost. The sticker on the bonnet indicates the minimum rated power of the tractor. This ensures the customer knows exactly what they can expect from the tractor and in certain situations, model dependent, Boost delivers up to 50hp extra if required. This ensures the best performance possible.
  • The Case IH CVX Transmission offers complete control for the operator, from 0.02kph to 40 or 50kph, dependant on range.
    • Includes Features such as Activehold: When the tractor is stopped on a hill, the transmission prevents it from rolling without having to clutch or brake. Reduces clutch and brake wear and makes for a comfortable pull away.
    • Can be driven by the foot pedal or the MultiController Handle.
    • EcoDrive: dual hand throttle for minimum and maximum speeds preventing engine overspeed and saving fuel.
    • Contains 4 forward and 2 reverse Mechanical gears for excellent efficiency. 100% Mechanical power transfer is met in each gear.

In a lower horsepower tractor, CVX offers particular advantages in high-value crop situations, such as vegetables and salad crops. The tractor is controllable right down to 0.02kph, ideal for the slow speed work the job requires.  Its light weight ensures that the impact on soil compaction is minimal. With full GPS options from the factory, it will also self steer to 2.5cm – very important so as not to run on the crop destroying high value produce.

For Livestock and Loader applications, the control you have over the CVX, which can be operated with the foot throttle while using the loader joystick, makes tasks around the yard smooth and simple.  Different forward and reverse speeds can be programmed to ensure the tractor is making the application as efficient as possible.

In transport, thanks to the APM, the CVX proves to be very efficient on the road for those farmers who may have further to travel between fields.

MultiController Armrest.  The ergonomic and intuitive armrest is common across all of the Case IH CVX tractors.  All controls are to hand and the operation of the CVX transmission couldn’t be simpler to use with the MultiController Handle.  Tractor direction, range, speed, remote valves and hitch are just a few of the controls at the operator’s fingertips.

AFS Connect (Telematics) is available on all CVX tractors.  Further details below.

Precision Farming

All CVX models can come from the factory with Autosteer (Accuguide) accurate to within 2.5cm (RTK).  This improves efficiencies in the field by reducing overlaps and ensuring tramlines are accurately placed.  This leads to a reduction in chemical, fertiliser, seed and fuel inputs, as well as saving wearing parts and extra operator hours all improving the businesses bottom line.

Accuturn Pro (Headland Management Control & automatic end of row turning combined).  With a press of a button, the tractor can automatically turn itself around to the next swath whilst performing implement functions such as turning over a plough or lifting and lowering/switch off and on a Mower.  Reduces operator stress and fatigue.

ISObus Class 2 & 3.  Links to a compatible implement, allowing the tractor display to control it. Saves having extra screens in the cab, saving the customer money when purchasing new implements.

Advanced Trailer Braking.  All CVX models which are fitted with a Pneumatic Trailer Brake Valve can utilise this added safety feature.  eg: Tractor pulling a fully loaded slurry tanker down a hill, tanker pushes the tractor increasing speed and increasing the risk of a Jack Knife.  CVX Transmission senses the forced speed increase and automatically engages the tanker’s brakes to slow it down, creating a stretch effect, reducing the jack-knife risk. This a unique and patented feature.

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