1st July 2020

At the end of May we undertook some impressive drilling near Toddington, Glos, with our 6m SKY Agriculture Easy Drill Demonstrator powered by a New Holland Agriculture T7 tractor.  

Our Sky Easy Drill is specifically designed as a no-till drill but works equally well in minimum tillage conditions, on consolidated ploughed soil and when drilling into cover crops. This particular drill has three hoppers allowing three different products to be drilled at two different depths. Individual coulter selection, choice of seed spacing and alternative seed distribution are all controllable from the cab and the 3.5 degrees coulter angle dramatically reduces soil disturbance retaining as much moisture as possible in establishment. 

With 250kg of coulter pressure, this drill more than lives up to its direct drill nature and speed and accuracy is better than ever!

Missed the demo? No worries – you can book your own demo now to see just what it can do on your own farm. Call your T H WHITE local rep or request a demo online at