1st December 2020

The Väderstad Rexius Twin is the heaviest press on the market, available in working widths from 4.5 to 10.3 metres – and weight matters to achieve excellent consolidation at depth on heavy soil.

In the first part of the tillage process with there Rexius Twin, heavy-duty vibrating tines cut the plough furrows. The vibrating action results in great performance, at the same time reducing the draught requirement. Then the CrossBoard grinds clods and levels the soil. A double acting stabilising bar increases levelling capacity further. 

Finally, the RexiusTwin packer rings provide intensive consolidation, ensuring an effective water transport for the coming crop. The packer rings are mounted in offset positions, minimising bulldozing and lowering the draught requirement. The offset position also provides a self-cleaning effect. The wavy profile combined with the interlocking rings, keeps the rings moving in all conditions.

The packer rings are also designed to create a weatherproof surface where the water is either evaporated or transported away from the upper soil layer. This allows the field to dry faster making it possible for the seed drill to come out sooner.

The Väderstad RexiusTwin is built for heavy usage in the toughest conditions. It has an extremely strong frame that can withstand stresses, allied to the fact that the packer is rubber-suspended, reducing shocks and improving the working life of bearings, axles and rings.

The really good news is that all Väderstad Rexius Twin models are available with five years interest free finance (1+4 @ 0%) until 1 January 2021. Ask your sales rep for details.