1st March 2019

Research has shown that spring application of slurry is far more beneficial to grass than summer spreading, so with the season now upon us the one thing you definitely need is a reliable slurry pump.

The Austrian-built Bauer Magnum SX is a tough, no-nonsense unit with a 140m head and a capacity of up to 300m3 per hour. Its high cutting and chopping performance is exactly what is needed when lifting slurry from a lagoon as it will cope with up to 12% solids and is largely insensitive to solid particles.

As well as a long service life, you can expect this pump to deliver low operating costs with easy maintenance. The cutting blades are easily adjustable to maintain the ideal cutting gap while the impeller is a high grade casting of an open design well suited to liquids containing straw or grass. The flange ensures enormous suction capacity and the shafts are sealed with a double-acting mechanical seal with an oil reservoir.

Three drive options are available with couplings for a tractor PTO, a stand-alone diesel engine or electric motors, and there are five mounting variants – a pump trolley, a hoisting frame for three-point linkage, a trailer with Diesel engine, a mobile unit with Diesel engine, as well as a base plate with electric drive motor.

Our slurry specialist Bob Gallop can explain all the options to ensure you get the configuration that’s right for your needs. Call him on 07831 883734 or email