2nd March 2020

With spring coming and the excitement of lambing not far away, it might be time to look at upgrading your machinery or adding to your existing equipment to make the job a little easier. We’ve highlighted here the popular lightweight Honda TRX420 range,  Kawasaki MULE MX PRO and the labour saving livestock and bale trailers from Logic.

Honda TRX420 Fourtrax ATV range, TRX420FM1 / FM2, TRX420FA2 / FA6
From £6,425+VAT
These ATVs are lightweight, economical and incredibly reliable. Choose from manual gearchange or automatic DCT with optional electric shift, with single shock absorber swing arm rear suspension, or independent. Power steering and front disc brakes make handling a breeze, not forgetting the unbeatable residual value of a Honda and the reassuring two-year warranty. For peace of mind every Honda is also supplied with a free GPS tracking device (terms and conditions apply).

Logic Bale trailer
From £1,650+VAT
When feeding live stock in the field, it isn’t always practical to take the tractor or telehandler, especially given the mess they can make with recent ground conditions. An alternative solution is to tow a Logic round bale trailer behind your ATV or UTV. This is easy to operate, as the bale can be winched off and lowered to the ground by a simple winch mechanism and it takes no time to move bales around effortlessly.

Logic Sheep trailer FROM 
This robust trailer features an A frame drawbar, flotation tyres, safety swivel hitch, rear ramp and lamb gate and a removeable lamb divider. Everything you need for transporting ewes with lambs safely and with minimum stress. Choose from 1.5m to 1.8m long.


Kawasaki Mule MX Pro
From £8,929+VAT
One of the lightest UTVs on the market today. Featuring a quiet, yet powerful 700cc petrol engine, it is both responsive and economical. Features include power steering, bench seat, protective half doors, seat belts, tipping rear bed, independent suspension, disc brakes 2/4wd, low range and difflock. The MX Pro can be specified with either full cab with doors or half cab, both with a fully opening windscreen.

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