New Manitou Grain Pusher

2nd August 2023

Manitou has launched a new 4m grain pusher compatible with MLT machines.  This is a must have for farmers allowing them to tightly pack grain, so saving valuable facility space.

The heavy duty design of this new grain pusher incorporates round and smooth surfaces to prevent grain trapping and its polyurethane cutting edge protects surfaces that can be damaged by an attachment.


  • Overall length – 3942mm
  • Width 2320mm
  • Overall height – 946mm
  • Mass – 440kg

Compatible Models

This new Manitou grain pusher is compatible with the following MLT models:

  • MLT 635
  • MLT 733
  • MLT 737
  • MLT 741
  • MLT 841
  • MLT 850

Speak to your sales rep today to secure one of these while stocks last