1st August 2020

The extreme and unpredictable weather earlier in the year has cast doubts over the likely success of this year’s harvest – a factor that makes it more important than ever to maximise productivity in 2020. 

MacDon’s Draper series of combine headers have been designed with exactly that in mind. Best of all, they can be used  on ANY make of combine, to harvest ANY crop, in ANY conditions. Given the wild climate swings we have experienced over the last few years, a MacDon header could be just what you need to get the most from your crops this harvest.

Sounds too good to be true? You need not worry, as this is a rare case of a machine that really lives up to its promise…

At the heart of MacDon’s designs is the instant response Active Float System which provides 4.8 degrees of lateral float and 178 mm (7in) of vertical float independent of the combine feeder house. That means you can cut extremely close to the ground without pushing soil. The operator has On-the-Go Control – from the driving seat – of ground pressure, cutting height and fore-aft header tilt, while Active Crop Flow gently places crop on the side drapers heads-first and swiftly moves it onto the feed draper, where it’s scooped up into the combine’s feeder housing. This promotes peak combine efficiency by saving fuel, improving threshing action, creating better straw distribution, and allowing for a more productive harvest overall.

Available in sizes up to 13.7m (45ft), MacDon FlexDraper® and Draper headers benefit from the company’s 70-plus years’ experience making harvesting equipment for farmers on the rich Canadian prairies. 

These MacDon models are true multi-crop headers that are able to harvest cereals, oil seeds, beans – just about any crop in any condition. You can see a video of MacDon headers in action at or our Facebook page @THWAgriculture. If you would like to request a demo of a MacDon header this season, just speak to your 

T H WHITE rep or contact us through the website –