1st January 2018

The easiest solution for moving ewes, lambs, calves or pigs behind your ATV or UTV, particularly on wetter ground, is the Logic sheep and livestock trailer.

Featuring strong, galvanised construction, this trailer is built to last with an A-frame drawbar and swivelling tow hitch. It rides on wide flotation tyres suitable for soft terrain.

Measuring 1.8m long by 1.0m wide and 0.8m tall, it features a drop down tail ramp with a side opening door. The lambs can be placed at the front behind the opening divider to travel stress free with their mothers who can see them. The trailer will carry up to three ewes, depending on breed.

The Logic sheep and livestock trailer is available at T H WHITE Agriculture from £1,160+VAT.

Please contact Tim Rochfort 07973911934, or Simon Knight 07860 712963, for more information.