2nd September 2019

With agricultural crime on the rise it’s more important than ever for farmers to be able to keep tabs on equipment – especially when it comes to unpowered items. 

The new EasyTRACK asset tracker from Manitou provides a discreet and simple answer. This robust, weatherproof module and be installed easily on any item of equipment and is simple to activate. 

Using the EasyMANAGER app, assets can be located instantly in the case of a theft attempt, while the ‘ping-as-you-like’ feature allows you to set any number of pings per day so that you can be alerted to any unexpected movements. At one ping per day the batteries can be expected to last 5½ years, while at five pings per day the battery life will be approximately one year.

The Manitou EasyTRACK is available from T H WHITE Agricultural parts stores at £504, with replacement batteries at £102.