1st November 2018

The fastest and most efficient way to keep hedges in trim is with a tractor-mounted power arm, and the widest choice on the market comes from McConnel. With 12 different series and 42 distinct models plus thousands of build options, unique bespoke machines can be created.

30-Series compact models can be operated with certain utility vehicles as well as small tractors and, with a reach of 3.4m to 4.8m are ideal for the landscape, amenities and ground-care sectors.

Moving up the scale, the range offers a choice of powerful hydraulics and different reaches to suit everything from the straightforward to the most challenging situations. A variety of different heads can be fitted, including multisaws, cutterbars, and rotary heads and, depending on the configuration specified, McConnel power arms are equally at home cutting hedges, mowing verges, clearing vegetation and trimming brush and shrubs.

Topping the range is the 1,000 series – a favourite with professional contractors and local government teams which offers up to 8m reach, and the Versi-Series which enables operators to cut on either side of the tractor at the touch of a button.

Find out about McConnel power arms at any T H WHITE Agriculture or Groundcare branch.