Kawasaki Mule Pro MX

10th July 2018

This all-new smaller Kawasaki Mule Pro MX is powered by a torquey 700cc economical, fuel injected petrol engine, offering quiet, smooth and powerful performance.

Size-wise the Mule PRO-MX offers the ideal balance between compact and full size UTVs. Measuring 2.795m long by 1.525m wide, it will fit neatly into more restricted areas around the yard, golf course, shoot, dairy or farm. Key features include a contoured bench seat, power steering, two and four wheel drive with difflock, towbar, independent suspension and disc brakes. Carrying and towing capacity is impressive at 317kg and 680kg respectively.

The petrol tank holds 36ltrs and the dashboard has all the important information to hand, with full lighting and an adjustable steering wheel.

A range of cab options and accessories will be available shortly.

The Mule Pro MX is due for delivery soon and T H WHITE has ordered demonstrators for you to try. So before you consider another brand of petrol UTV why not book a demo of the new PRO MX. Contact either one of our Groundcare specialists on 01454 238181, or for Agriculture Simon Knight on 07860 512763, or Tim Rochfort on 07973 911934.