1st December 2020

Manitou has boosted its NewAg XL range with two new models, the MLT 841 and MLT 1041, each with a capacity of more than 4.1t with maximum lifting heights between 7.6m and 9.65m. Well suited to intensive applications where more than 1,300 hours per year is envisaged, these two machines are ideal for large farms, agricultural contractors, cooperatives and agri-businesses.

To reduce the noise and vibration levels that so often blight intensive operations, the MLT 841/1041 are fitted with super-quiet cabs, comparable to those of high-end tractors, keeping noise levels down to just 69 dBA. Taking things a step further is the option of a pneumatic seat with intelligent suspension, which adapts automatically to any surface (road, field or track), reducing vibrations by more than 50% and offering optimal protection for the operator’s back.

To maintain design consistency, the one-piece windscreen is covered by a roof grille with angled blades similar to other NewAg models, providing excellent visibility when load-lifting. Among other innovations, LED lighting is activated automatically every time the door is opened to light up the Easy-step, ensuring safe and easy access to the driver’s cabin both day and night. Plenty of storage space inside the cabin adds to the comfort.

To ensure a high level of performance when used intensively, Manitou has fitted a new Stage V 141hp engine to these models, delivering 12% more torque while reducing fuel consumption by 11% compared to previous models. This torque gain further enhances the towing and loading performance. With torque converter transmission with automatic Powershift gearbox and hydraulic flow of 200 l/min, these models assure optimum productivity. For a longer day’s work, tank capacity has been increased by 13% too.

A range of options can also be specified, including a HighView camera, which allows the operator to see the inside of the trailer when loading, and Active CRC boom suspension which supresses jolting when driving with a load. Other attractive innovations are the Comfort Steering System with variable assist steering which reduces the number of steering wheel turns by 40%, and the Intelligent Hydraulics package (bucket shaker, return-to-load-position and combined telescopic boom movements).

The MLT 841/1041 offer a highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with a saving of around £540 per annum compared to previous models placing them among the most economical machines on the market. This has been achieved partly through easier maintenance: access to all components has been improved, there are centralised greasing points and a rapid opening cleaning hatch at the front of the radiator. The self-cleaning air pre-filter is now integrated above the engine compartment and the hydraulic oil maintenance intervals are set at 2,000 hours. 

Like all new Manitou machines, the MLT 841/1041 benefit from remote connectivity which allows real-time monitoring of the location of the machine, its fuel consumption, and notifications shared with the dealer so that maintenance requirements can be anticipated. Further to reduce the TCO, options such as Ecostop (configurable automatic engine stop) and the automatic greasing system are also available.

The MLT 841/1041 are the first Manitou machines to be offered with a new Platinum finish level which sits above the existing Classic, Premium and Elite levels. This adds many desirable features, including a pneumatic seat with adaptive suspension, hydraulic attachment locking, LED work lights on the boom head, LED front main beam headlights, HighView Camera, Comfort Steering System, Ecostop and the automatic greasing system.

If you want to enjoy the comfort, economy and performance of these intensive-use Manitous, speak to your T H WHITE Agriculture or construction rep who will be happy to arrange a demonstration.