28th April 2021

With the new season under way the time to consider harvest options is upon us. Whatever the scale of your operation New Holland has the right combines and tractors to help you bring in a quality crop in the most cost and time-efficient way.

New Holland CX8.80

New Holland’s CX range of combine harvesters are the world’s most powerful conventional combines, with up to 460hp on tap, and they now have new features to elevate their already impressive capacity. The all new optional, award-winning Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum improves threshing performance, with smoother crop flow, quieter operation, reduced fuel consumption PLUS up to 10% capacity increase.

An enlarged grain tank – up to 12,500 litres – and increased unloading speed enhance autonomy and harvesting flexibility, yet the gentle threshing action from New Holland’s four drum system threshes each and every ear, at the same time preserving straw quality. New in-cab controls manage the rotary separator, the sieve opening and the chopping/swathing selection.

The entire CX range is fitted with ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology to comply with the most stringent Stage V emissions regulations while maintaining outstanding performance. When combined with long, 600 hour service intervals, and the SmartTrax™ system for reduced soil compaction, more money stays in your pocket.

It all adds up to super capacity, super productivity, super consistency and super economy.

New Holland’s reputation in the combine harvester sector is built on the company’s pioneering twin Twin Rotor™ technology and today the seven models in the CR Revelation range continue the pure rotary bloodline, offering world-beating grain and straw quality thanks to the multi-pass action.

New Holland CR10.90

The range topping CR10.90 is the most powerful and productive CR Revelation to date, and now has up to 700hp on tap. Innovative features such as the new award winning IntelliSense™ combine automation system ensure that the CR Revelation maintains its world-leading position.

The CR Revelation models range from 415hp to the mighty 700hp of the CE10.90. The remotely adjustable Dynamic Flow Control™ rotor vanes mean their position can be changed on the go in response to changing crop conditions, which can result in up to 20% higher productivity. Grain cracking is also a thing of the past with an industry leading figure as low as 0.2%. Dynamic Feed Roll™ technology provides the most efficient on-the-go stone collection and the new serrated blades are even gentler on straw.

Like the CX range, New Holland CR combine harvesters use ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology to comply with the more stringent Stage V emission regulations resulting in greater efficiency, combined with 600 hour engine service intervals and the SmartTrax™ system for reduced soil compaction.

New Holland T7 Stage V range

The efficiency of New Holland’s combine harvesters is matched by the latest T7 and T8 tractor ranges.

The 14 T7 models, ranging from 165hp to 315hp, now include standard wheelbase, long wheelbase and the mighty ‘Heavy Duty’ series. Available with a choice of transmissions, from the proven Range and Power Command™, right through to the award-winning Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission, you’ll find the perfect T7 solution for your operation.

New Holland T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence™

When you need even more power, the four T8 Genesis models range from 350hp to 435hp and also feature New Holland’s advance, fully integrated PLM Intelligence™ platform, helping you to manage your farm from the office or even the other side of the world, placing the support, information and insights you need, on tap. The T8 Genesis range has been freshly designed from the ground up to give you the most comfortable and intuitive tractor the field has ever seen.

Your T H WHITE Agricultural rep is on hand to help you arrive at the right choices and combinations of machinery to improve the profitability of your harvest. Give him a call!