Have a profitable 2024 with the Puma 260 CVX AFS Connect

14th December 2023

It takes more than a powerful machine to drive profitability these days.

You need complete vehicle control and a premium cab with built-in luxury – because comfortable operators are productive operators.

Since the first Puma was launched, it has earned a reputation for reliability, power and economy that farmers and contractors all over the world have come to trust.

Also, connectivity and remote management that help you to make better, data-driven decisions, and the ability to manage and coordinate your fleet from everywhere takes the Puma 260 CVX Drive to the next level.

The new Puma has been engineered and shaped in our Sankt Valentin plant in Austria and comes with an assurance of quality and expertise that is expected by our customers.

Designed with quality in mind, our engineers have improved the layout of the hydraulic routing and electrical harnesses for easier access and reliability.

Demo drive the new generation Puma 260 CVX now, and take a step into the future of farming. Call Andy Symes on 07920 028599 to book your demo.

Or talk to your usual T H WHITE rep here.