1st September 2020

As the days shorten heralding winter weather, we have gathered this round-up of some of our leading brands that can help to make your life easier while your animals are indoors.

First off we have two of the most useful Manitou telehandlers for which we have highlighted some of the key features. A tough and reliable telehandler is a basic essential whatever size or type of farm you operate, but especially for livestock farming. Whether moving bales, loading feeders or straw blowers, clearing muck, or for a host of general uses, one of the most versatile machines is the Manitou MLA-T 533-145 V+ pivot steer.

Since its launch at Agritechnica in 2017 it has proved its worth as a powerful, highly manoeuvrable machine offering exceptional levels of driver comfort. Its slim dimensions and small turning circle allow it to enter confined spaces, while excellent boom control and powerful tearout force place it among the most capable telehandlers in its class. Some of the points we think set it apart are shown here, but you really need to try it for yourself!

There are times when simple is best, and that can particularly apply to the challenging conditions in which agricultural machinery often has to operate.

The Manitou MLT 630-105 is a rugged, rigid chassis telehandler capable of lifting a 3,000kg load to more than 6m. Four-wheel steering makes it highly manoeuvrable. A single piece cab door offers easy access to the well thought-out cab which features armrest-mounted joystick control.

The 101hp Deutz Stage IV diesel engine is mounted on the right side making it possible for a single opening panel to give access for easy maintenance and filter changes.

Kuhn Primor straw blowers and all-fodder feeders are available in hitch-mounted or trailed models with capacities from 2m3 to 5.5m3.

One of the larger models – the Primor 5570 M can be loaded with up to three large round bales (max 4ft 11in diameter) and is quick to load thanks to the hydraulically-operated tailgate. All Primor machines are equipped with an all-fodder feed rotor which is equally efficient in distributing all types of feed including hay, haylage and even silage without any ‘milling’ effect.

Even with a 60ft range for blowing straw for bedding, the Primor always delivers an even quantity of straw per unit of bedding area which reduces the risk of litter overheating. The straw structure is preserved, thus maintaining full absorbency and extending litter life for cow comfort. The rotating chute can be fingertip controlled through 300 degrees from the tractor cab to reach awkward areas.

Kuhn Profile TMR mixer wagons are among the most advanced in the business.

Not only will they rapidly chop whole bales and fibrous product down to the optimum length specified by nutritionists, but they also mix quantity of each ration component using an accurate weighing system to match the precise needs of each animal. The perfect mix of rations results in a healthier herd, reducing metabolic disorders. Available in capacities from 4-20m3, the Profile range features either a single or twin auger depending on size, designed for high performance when chopping long fibres, as well as preserving wetter fodders such as maize silage.

The PROFILE 2CL DL mixer wagon features Kuhn’s K-NOX technology as standard in which the mixing augers are built entirely from an alloy containing stainless steel and Ferrites. This makes them highly resistant to acidic material, wear and abrasion. K-NOX augers are an option on the 2 CS mixer wagon.

For more information about Manitou telehandlers, Kuhn Primor blowers and feeders, or Profile TMR mixer wagons, either contact your T H WHITE sales representative who will be happy to guide you through the choices or arrange a demo, or request a demo online at

From Kverneland, the trusted and long-established Norwegian manufacturer of agricultural implements, sold from our Hereford branch, we have selected the 863/864 range of bale chopper feeders and the Siloking trailed compact diet feeder range.

The Kverneland 864 bale chopper (above) has grown its dimensions in all aspects with a massive 4.2m³ chamber size. It handles 2.1m diameter round bales and its longer body design provides even better support and stability for large square bales.

With a completely redesigned drum and flywheel configuration, it offers significantly higher throughput than earlier designs and is capable of impressive blowing distances of up to 25m.

Kverneland Siloking trailed compact diet feeders (below) are ideal for use in more constricted spaces where their short chassis makes them highly manoeuvrable. With a capacity up to 15m3, they use a single turbo auger to chop and mix the feed.

While these compact models are perfect for smaller livestock farms, Kverneland also produces much larger diet feeders with two and even three turbo augers, including truly massive feeders up to 45m3 capacity suited to units of c.600 cows. Completing the range are self-propelled diet feeders.

Kverneland feeding and bedding equipment is available from T H WHITE Hereford only. For more information on any Kverneland item, or to arrange a demo, call Ben Linton on 07495 114479, Will Farr on 07495 114325, or go to