1st July 2019

Depending on the size of your livestock unit, feeding can call for very different approaches. 
‘Feedo’ feeder wagons from Dutch manufacturer Schuitemaker – currently celebrating its centenary –  are available in different sizes and configurations from a capacity of 8m3 right up to 37m3.  All models allow discharge from the front or from the back, while the side discharge conveyor will discharge either to the left or to right. A split side discharge conveyor for simultaneously feeding from both sides is optional.
The Feedo models come standard with two or more open and aggressive silage beaters driven from the PTO which guarantee an excellent distribution and mixture of the various types of forage without loss of structure. As the forage is only mixed during the actual feeding process, the PTO does not have to run before feeding occurs, resulting in no waiting time allied to a considerable saving on fuel over a 12-month period.
Schuitemaker Feedo trailers are available from all T H WHITE Agriculture branches – contact your rep for details.