FarmDroid – the field-savvy seeding and weeding robot

14th July 2022

It’s ingenious, it’s efficient and it’s likely to save you a lot of money and drudgery.

FarmDroid is the world’s first fully automatic robot that both seeds and mechanically weeds. Powered by solar panels, this highly innovative machine is CO2 neutral and offers zero energy costs.

Using a GPS signal, FarmDroid records exactly where it places each seed so that on subsequent visits to the field it can instantly identify what’s a weed and what is not. Unlike other field robots, FarmDroid doesn’t need banks of high-definition cameras and complex computers to identify and target weeds.

As soon as FarmDroid identifies a weed it performs mechanical weed control, and because it can weed everything not required – even before the crop germinates – it minimises or completely eliminates the need for manual weed control. You don’t need to monitor FarmDroid either – just leave it to get on with the job. Its light weight also means it won’t destroy the soil’s microstructure.


FarmDroid’s four solar panels power a battery pack which can deliver up to 24 hours of daily CO2-neutral operation. And, because it carries its own power source, the FarmDroid FD20 can work in the field throughout the entire season.

Combined with the savings in herbicides, fuel, labour and machinery costs (depreciation, maintenance, tyres, capital tied up, etc.) – the financial argument for FarmDroid is a strong one, especially as the purchase price and ongoing running costs are a fraction of those associated with the traditional machinery used to do the job. The six-row FarmDroid FD20 retails at £59,500 with an additional £4,243 for an RTK base station. T H WHITE can also help you explore the possibilities of obtaining grant funding to assist with the purchase of this remarkable seeding and weeding machine.

Seeing is believing, as they say, so talk to your T H WHITE Agriculture rep if you would like to see FarmDroid in action. After you have recovered from your disbelief you will wonder why nobody thought of this before!