1st June 2020

New Holland’s Service Plus extended machinery warranty is now 100% backed by New Holland itself rather than being based on an insurance policy, meaning that customers can be sure of a fixed cost of ownership plus peace of mind regarding any unexpected repairs.

This gives loyal New Holland customers a clear advantage over many other brands as it eliminates delays or uncertainty regarding reimbursement. The warranty benefits are also transferable – if a machine is sold on the new owner will qualify for exactly the same benefits during the period of coverage, thus enhancing residual values.

The standard Service Plus offer on tractors, which is activated immediately the base warranty expires. is for a warranty extension of an additional 2 years or a total of 3,000 hours over the full 3 year warranty period, although Service Plus cover for tractors can be extended to a maximum of 5 years/5000 hours, allowing clients to vary cover based on greater projected hours or additional years 4 and 5 cover.

For the flagship CX7/8 and CR rotary combines,  two further years of Service Plus cover are available beyond the basic warranty of 1+2, 1,200 hours.

Some of the options require a small customer repair contribution, others don’t, but the New Holland specialists at our Agricultural branches will be happy to explain all the possibilities.