1st January 2019

As the new season gets under way, the importance of soil cultivation, fertilisation and seeding becomes paramount. T H WHITE Agriculture is an official dealer for leading brands that can help arable farmers maximise efficiency and profitability in these key areas.

Top Down cultivators are available in widths from 3m to 9m, defined by the model numbers 300-900. Designed to perform both a full-scale shallow cultivation and a deep cultivation in a single pass, the Top Down models truly are multi-purpose cultivators. 12.5cm-spaced discs on individually suspended disc arms create fine tilth by cutting and mixing the top soil. The 27cm spaced tines then loosen and mix the soil and crop residues down to 30cm working depth. In the final two working zones, the leveller and packer then concludes by ensuring an even and fully reconsolidated surface. You benefit from preserved soil moisture, low soil compaction and high capacity.

The most popular models are the Top Down 400 and 500, but the whole range can be adjusted for varying soil conditions, the driver being able to adjust the intensity of the hydraulic levellers with millimetre-precision on the move.

Also from Väderstad comes the Carrier range of disc cultivators for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers enables Carrier to handle the challenges from ultra-shallow cultivation to a deeper incorporation. Depending on the discs fitted, the Carrier can be used for ultra-shallow tillage at 2-3cm depth, right up to 16cm working depth. The versatility it brings saves passes, decreases machine cost per hectare, and provides the best start possible for the coming crop.

Kuhn also supports our tillage line-up with a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted reversible ploughs, all practical, robust implements designed for long life as well as safe and easy use.

If you are looking for a wide roller, the King roller from He-Va would be difficult to beat. With working widths of 12.3m, 15.3m, 16.3m, 18.3m or 20.3m, the King roller also features supreme contour-following to ensure consistent, high quality results across the field. To give some idea of efficiency a 15.3m set of Rolls travelling at 6km/hr with a driver driving at 90 per cent field efficiency, will cover 8.25ha or 21 acres per hour.

When it comes to a minimal tillage regime there is a comprehensive range of solutions available from Pöttinger. Synkro tine cultivators, with a working width of 4-6m, are famed for their ability to cultivate at a consistent depth whilst ensuring all soil is moved and root structures cut clean through. These versatile cultivators can operate down to a depth of 30 cm and can be configured to suit the seasonal conditions and the job at hand. You can check this out for yourself as T H WHITE will be operating a demo Synkro 4030T Nova this season.

For shallower high speed cultivation the rugged Terradisc range of compact disc harrows is available. Featuring working speeds up to 18kph and patented Twinarm technology, these innovative disc harrows incorporate large 580mm diameter discs with excellent clearance for working large amounts of chopped straw and stubble. Reliable, even with high levels of straw and mulch, the Terradisc is able to incorporate harvest residues without blockage. Unrivalled mixing, combined with a level finish, ensures the best conditions for subsequent operations. Models range from 3m to 10m and we are operating a demo Terradisc 6001T.

Fertilisation now accounts for a major portion of costs on all arable farms, and thus has a considerable influence on profitability. Accurate application is the key to success and Kuhn – long-time market leader in spinner fertilisation – pioneered hydraulically-driven machines with its EMC (Electronic Mass Flow) which can now be PTO-driven. The Kuhn Axis models feature an enormous working range from 12m to 50m and a capacity of 1,000 to 4,000 litres, with the mid-range 30m to 40m implements being the most popular. Advanced technology means that the fertiliser dose on each spreading disc is regulated second-by-second according to the torque detected on each disc. The EMC detects and corrects flow variations instantly, effecting the greatest economy and eliminating the risk of clogging. Even distribution is exceptional thanks to the CDA system common to all AXIS fertiliser spreaders.

The many hi-tech aspects and precise delivery offered by Kuhn spreaders mean that thousands of pounds worth of savings can be achieved when treating large acreages.

Another economic route to effective fertilisation is offered by Hardi sprayers. The line-up includes trailed and mounted versions with fixed or folding booms in widths from 12m to 42m and a variety of capacities up to 4,000 litres.

Speed is important when seeding large acreages and the Rapid seed drill from Väderstad carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and re-consolidation in one pass. At the heart of the Rapid is an ingenious depth control system, adjustable from the cab. The system uses each packer wheel to control the drilling depth of two seed coulters, while at the same time applying re-consolidation. Thanks to this, Rapid is able to create an even emergence in all conditions.

The single disc seed coulters penetrate the soil with a very high coulter pressure upwards of 150kg, resulting in an exact seed depth even at high working speed. The Rapid places the seed at a greater depth than the working depth of the cultivating front tools, providing important seed-to-soil contact and ensuring that the seed is surrounded by undisturbed soil, providing all-round water absorption. Behind the seed coulters, the large packer wheels effectively close the seed slots, creating optimised seed-to-soil contact in all conditions.

The Sky EasyDrill is the result of 39 years of product development and is one of very few direct drills that can truly be regarded as a direct drill, a mintill, a grassland and a cover crop drill. It’s low disturbance disc coulter and press wheel not only ensure minimal weed seed germination, they also keep the horsepower requirement to a minimum. For example, a 3m EasyDrill typically needs only 90hp to pull – considerably less than many other implements – which reduces fuel consumption, tractor weight and therefore damage to the soil structure when drilling in damp conditions.

Seed drill technology is also a key part of the business at Pöttinger, ranging from the simple mechanical Vitasem models, to the technologically-advanced Aerosem mounted pneumatic range and the range topping Terrasem – available in working widths up to 9m. Full variable rate control is a standard feature across the Pöttinger drill range.

Terrasem models can be specified with conventional cultivating discs or the all-new Wavedisc low disturbance system and a choice of row spacings at 12.5 and 16.7cm. Models can also be specified with a fertiliser option which allows simultaneous exact placement of fertiliser in rows adjacent to the seed.

You can find out more about all the machinery listed here by contacting any T H WHITE Agriculture branch – we would also be very pleased to arrange demonstrations so you can be sure you are choosing the right equipment.

Väderstad is currently offering a subsidised finance deal 1+ 1@0% (one payment, and balance one year later at zero percent interest) – don’t delay!