1st December 2018

With so much climate uncertainty many grain farmers are realising the benefits of investing in reliable, high throughput grain dryers. Now is the time to think about being fully equipped for the next harvest to avoid being caught out by wet weather.

Opico’s portable Magna Diesel Grain Dryers can dry up to 480 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision. They are easy to install and relocate as required, eliminating the need for large expenditure on handling equipment.

Fuelled by diesel with 3 phase or PTO drive OPICO dryers recirculate the grain constantly to dry thoroughly and evenly whilst improving hectolitre weights and augmenting quality.

Opico’s unique Duax Heat Core works in a similar way to a storage heater, using heat-retaining bricks to build up and retain heat as the burner switches from high to low flame. This clever system ensures an accurate and constant heat and makes the Magna one of the cleanest and most efficient diesel dryers on the market.

Holding and drying capacities range from 5t to 20t per hour and, with forced drying and cooling, you always remain in complete control and are able to specify temperature and moisture content.

Not only can Opico Magna dryers handle and dry the very wettest of grain, but the grain cleaner removes weed seeds and broken grains improving hectolitre weight, while the augers polish the grain, improving the sample. The whole process ensures maximum, high quality output.

To beat the delivery lead times on drying equipment it’s worth thinking about placing an order now to give peace of mind that you will be fully prepared for 2019. To discuss the options and help determine which Opico dryer is best for your farm, contact any of our agricultural branches.