A new T6.160 for Pressbarrow Farm

29th January 2024

We caught up with John Lippiat to see how he has been getting on with the New Holland tractor we supplied him with last February.

Pressbarrow Farm lies in Priston, a small village set within rolling green hills just south of Bath in Somerset. The dairy farm has diversified over the years and in addition to producing milk from its’ own herd, now sports a thriving seasonal Christmas tree business and another business that offers popular beauty treatments. John Lippiat the farmer, has been a T H WHITE customer for almost 40 years, and recently upgraded his tractor with our Frome branch, picking up a New Holland T6160 Dynamic Command on the 7th Feb 2023 with Quicke Q5 loader bucket and grab, coloured in New Holland’s iconic power blue.

We spoke to John about his relationship with T H WHITE over the years, and his new tractor.

He said “I always wanted New Holland as a kid and went blue once I started running the farm. Since then, I’ve bought well, perhaps luckily even. I chose good quality kit and the New Holland tractors have been very reliable. T H WHITE have stood by me over the years and been very helpful. The support they’ve offered has been comprehensive.

We now use the T6.160 tractor as our main machine for the farm. Alongside our T6.180 which is our additional tractor and our much used workhorse New Holland T6050 which is still going even after 18,500 hours of hard labour.

We use the new T6.160 for feeding the cows all winter and baling and feeding all summer – it gets used every day, sometimes all day every day!

It’s easy to climb into, with a comfortable chair, runs quietly and is very easy to use. The New Holland tractors seem to last longer these days, and that helps with the business side of things. Even with the hours we do, the T6.160 is proving to be dependable.

I suffer from back pain, and although I know it when I get out of other tractors, with New Holland my back is fine! I can climb out of the T6 and not realise I’ve done 16 or so straight hours in it.

We moved over to Kuhn attachments around 2011. I find Kuhn very robust. Our Bale Spreader /Feeder has transformed the bedding and really reduced straw usage.

We also use a Kuhn rake in front of our New Holland BR7060 round baler and now everyone tells me what a tidy job it does – which is nice to hear from your neighbours!

I genuinely wouldn’t be without any of the machinery or help I get from T H WHITE. Stuart Button, our rep for many years, has been very reliable and we have a great working relationship. We have been dealing with him and T H WHITE now for longer than I care to remember!”

Talk to Stuart on 07818 077 591 or find your local rep here and upgrade or add to your New Holland and Kuhn collection with T H WHITE.