Kuhn Fertiliser Spreaders

KUHN Fertiliser Spreaders


Fertiliser costs can play a major part in profitability. There is huge potential for cost savings when optimising application methods.  Kuhn fertiliser spreaders offer long machine life and highly efficient spreading power, ensuring accurate fertiliser dosing and even rates of distribution

KUHN is a pioneer in precision fertilisation and offers innovative solutions for perfect control of fertiliser application. KUHN’s range of fertiliser spreaders can be adapted to all types of work: spreading fertiliser in open fields, on edges, in developed crops, for special crops ( vineyards, orchards, vegetables, etc.), with incomparable precision and simplicity. With KUHN fertiliser spreaders, you bring the right dose to the right place so you can maximise the potential of your crops.

Choose from Mounted Spreaders and Trailed Spreaders, to suit your needs.

All KUHN spreaders offer incomparable precision and ease of use. MDS models (500-1800 litres) have working widths of 10 to 24 metres and incorporate localised spreading systems (over 2 strips and 7 rows). AXIS models (1000-4000 litres) have working widths of 12 to 50 m. For strip or localised spreading, KUHN’s models distribute all kinds of products: mineral or organic fertiliser, gravel, salt, lime, etc. – nothing stops them! KUHN fertiliser spreaders are often imitated but never equalled!


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