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KUHN Tillage


Your soil is a key asset for quality crop production. KUHN offers a wide range of soil cultivation equipment, designed to perform when creating the ideal seedbed. Each product line leads the way in durability and productivity.

Deep Cultivators

Deep disc or tine cultivators can maximise the productivity of your fields by breaking up a compact soil structure. KUHN soil looseners and deep cultivators optimise the soil and seedbed preparation and ensure better yields by cracking the soil, improving water infiltration to help the soil retain moisture.

Stubble Cultivators

Inter-cropping helps manage weed populations, facilitate the decomposition of crop residues, control disease outbreaks and prepare the soil for seeding. KUHN cultivators offer  solutions for stubble cultivation and mixing in a single pass. With tine or multi-purpose disc stubble cultivators, you can be sure to carry out quality work with a simple, robust and efficient tool.

Disc Harrows

Farmers experience different challenges when trying to reduce the cost of crop establishment and speed up growth without compromising the yield potential. KUHN disc harrows provide excellent crop residue cutting and seedbed preparation to ensure correct seed placement.

Seedbed Preparation Tools

Good seedbed preparation is essential for healthy crop growth. KUHN offers a wide range of seedbed preparation tools, including tine, disc, combinations tools and power harrows. Offering a robust, quality output and easy to use solution.

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