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The potential of your crop is at stake when you plant it. Quality seeding is of prime importance. KUHN seed drills offer you the possibility of perfect seeding in ploughing, min-til and direct drilling establishment methods. Some of KUHN’s options for seeding are listed below.

Mounted Seed Drills 

The perfect alliance between productivity and quality of work. The reliability of the distribution system ensures unequalled seeding precision whatever the working conditions. The diversity of the seeding units offered by KUHN meets the requirements of all crop management methods.

Integrated Seed Drills

By choosing a drill combination you can carry out soil tillage and seeding in one pass. KUHN seed drill combinations offer solutions for all conditions with simple and easy operation. Whether mechanical or pneumatic, you will find a seed drill combination to meet your expectations.

Trailed Seed Drills

On ploughing, min-til or direct seeding, KUHN trailed seed drills are universal solutions designed to meet your need for versatility. Whether its single, double or triple hopper, these seed drills offer you more and more possibilities of use for a perfect adaptation to your cultivation methods.

Seed Hoppers

Seeding with a coulter bar and front tank offers the advantage of an ideal front/rear load distribution. With the power of the VENTA hydraulic blower, the crop is conveyed to the seed bar in a uniform manner for an uniform seeding operation. The front hopper can also be used for fertiliser application with a precision seed drill or with the STRIGER strip-till.

Precision Seed Drills

The clever design of KUHN precision seed drills gives them exceptional versatility. Their exceptional robustness, high reliability and seeding precision are their main assets. KUHN also innovates with an electric drive for the seeding unit, Variable Rate Applications and GPS row shut off (Section Control) are made possible. A wide range of additional equipment, such as microgranulators or fertiliser hoppers reinforces the ability to adapt to all needs.

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