BEDNAR Tillage

BEDNAR Tillage

BEDNAR’S wide range of tillage machinery is versatile and efficient – all you need for a busy season.

The SWIFTERDISC range of mounted and trailed disc cultivators come with individual suspension of the discs with rubber segments that are ready for swift, low cost, quality stubble cultivation.

The SwifterDisc can also be used for seedbed preparation minimizing the need for conventional tillage systems.

Each arm is fitted with a pair of discs (Twin-Disc system). The machine aggregates with a tractor over a 3-point hitch cat. II./III.

The SWIFTER SN is a mounted seedbed cultivator which manages to combine all working operations in a single pass, needed to prepare a perfect seedbed even in a rough furrow.

The machine can be used in traditional systems of farming as well as minimum tillage systems.

The design enables an easy exchange of the internal frame with shares for a frame with gamma tines or a frame with SB-sections.

Versatile cultivators such as the VERSATILL VO PROFI offer intensive and precise cultivation in all scenarios.

The Versatill is a universal tine cultivator designed for seedbed preparation of fields with a higher amount of post-harvest residue, or for intensive stubble cultivation of up to 15 cm, thanks to the horizontal spring-loaded auto-reset system of each tine.

The tines are arranged in 5 rows; this solution provides perfect material throughput of the machine. Thanks to the perfect overlapping of the shares, the land is undercut evenly (mechanical weed control).

The transport axle is located in the middle of the machine, which reduces the radius of turning at headlands.

The TERRALAND DO is a robust, combined (discs and tines) chisel plough which can be used for cutting and tilling large amounts of post-harvest residues in a single pass and mixing them thoroughly with loosened soil up to max. 45 cm (Active-Mix tines), or for deep tillage of land without mixing the soil (Zero-Mix tines) also up to a depth of 45 cm.

The machine can be equipped with 2 types of rear packers for various soil conditions.

The machine can also be used with a Ferti-Box (37.5×75 cm) for storage fertilisation, or along the width.

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