BEDNAR Seeding & Fertilising

BEDNAR Seeding & Fertilising

BEDNAR’S range of seeding and fertilising machinery is versatile and efficient – all you need for a busy season.

The OMEGA OO_L is a versatile seed drill of a light concept with disc soil preparation allowing for seeding various crop types with row spacing of 12.5 or 16.7 cm with large seeding quantity variation in both the conventional soil preparation system and in the minimising one. The arrangement of individual working parts secures the unique and competition-less soil preparation before sowing in combination with precise seed placement, low weight, and simple setup.

Thanks to the PSP system (Precise Seed Placement), the seed coulters put the seed into an identical depth across the entire machine width and perfectly contour the terrain unevenness in both the longitudinal and lateral direction.

The CORSA CN is a mounted seeding bar that can be aggregated with the COMBO System CS 5000 storage hopper, or directly to the three-point hitch of the tractor. When the bar is aggregated with the tractor, it can be connected to the front seed hopper, SEED-BOX SB 1600.

The seeding bar consists of double-disc drill coulters that work on a parallelogram (PSP system). The available inter-row spacing is 12.5cm and 16.5cm, with the option to plant seeds in every other row at 25cm, or 33 cm.

The FERTI-BOX FB is primarily designed to place the fertiliser directly into the soil profile. The Ferti-Box is attached to the tractor using a 3-point cat. III and IV hitch. The hopper is equipped with a separate frame to which one of the soil tillage machines is attached (Terraland TO, Terraland DO, Fenix FO). The fertiliser (seed) is transported pneumatically from the hopper to the application end of the tillage machine. The ends can be adjusted to a different application depth depending on the agronomic requirements to position the fertiliser.


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