BEDNAR Crop Residue Management

BEDNAR Crop Residue Management

BEDNAR’S range of crop residue management equipment includes straw harrows and mulchers to make light work of post harvest residues.

The STRIEGEL PRO PN is a 5-row field harrow used for solving the management of post-harvest residues for their harrowing, activation of weed grain growth, for restoring the permanent grass growths, and seedbed preparation up to 4 cm in the spring season.

The STRIEGEL-PRO PE series is 6-row straw harrow equipped with two independently hydraulically controlled working sections of tines.

The first section includes four rows of tines that disrupt the top soil layer at 2–4 cm. The second section includes two rows of tines for final surface treatment.

In addition, the machine may be equipped with cutting coulters for summer management of crop residue in the stubble-field.

For the spring preparation, the machine may be equipped with a front hydraulically controlled leveller – Crushbar for top soil levelling. The paddles of the levelling bar can be mounted on the coulter tines and vice versa.

The MULCHER range of rotary cutters come in single, triple or five blade formats, capable of mulching perennial grassland, crop residue on arable soil (maize, sunflower, canola, etc.) and self-seeded vegetation.The robust construction of its zinc-coated body makes it the ultimate machine for use in some of the harshest conditions known to farming.


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